The story of Ogof Marros

The story of Ogof Marros

The story so far. After the initial breakthrough the team were faced with multiple ways forward where the stream way entered a boulder pile. Dig 1 found some water and this was pushed over the years to a breakthrough where the water was found again that emerged from a side chamber on Dig 1. This water was found to head to The Sharkscage, the third dig that was found to connect to dig 2. Dig 2 was pushed hard. A climb to a passage led to boulders and these were dug West, following a solid wall to a couple of meters depth and this led nowhere. A passage was viewed East and this prompted the Sharkscage dig. Andy Freem opened a pin hole in the wall and we had passage that eventually led to scaff being erected in a further boulder pile. We could see the water down in the boulders. Dickon posted himself down the boulders and sadly reported no way on. Another attack on the boulders on the East side of the main stream proved a small passage to go toward Dig 1.

Three Tier Rift (an old fossil passage adjacent and higher in altitude to the main stream way) was explored fully and boulders were found in the South West corner at near the highest point. A solid wall was followed via rock removal to a chamber roofed by massive blocks (The Chamber of Shattered Dreams) where a possible stream noise was heard beyond. A further push was made, scaff erected and then bad things happened, the cave said no.

Dickon found over a hundred meters of passage to the rear of the cave trending in the same direction as Wildest Dreams making three fingers feeding the main stream way. A dig proceeded in a South trending gravel dig that is ongoing.

The boulders at the start of the Three Tier Rift extensions are being pushed upwards now. When last attacked we had a multi ton rock precariously hanging. Scaff has been bought in and plans are in motion. Also, the streamway entering the boulders is to be fully examined by camera as there is something interesting going on. Flood waters disappear very quickly into the boulders. A top grade survey is being carried out, but progress was halted by a collapse in the breakthrough chamber. In the meanwhile the survey was completed in Antonias Grotto area and some small leads pursued and surveyed such as Ash’s grotto and The Gareth Extensions. The Gareth extensions were pushed after they were found with two possible ways on, but these are low priority.

The collapse is due to a boulder migrating into the breakthrough passage and several trips have been made to erect scaff to stabalise it. More scaff delivery has been made recently and consolidation works carried out on various areas to prevent further degradation. Work continues and visitors welcome, but please dont expect to go far until the boulder pile has been stabilised.

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