Access to Ogof Marros

Access to Ogof Marros

At the time of the initial excavation and subsequent discoveries, the landowner stated he would require this quite hazardous cave to be gated to minimise the risks related to access by adventurous non-cavers, mentioning particularly local or holidaying children. Once the decorated character of the cave was evident, conservation management became an additional factor, as with similar caves in the UK.

The landowner also expected access to be managed by the discoverers.

The comparatively isolated location and small size of the cave has made it less of an attraction than other caves in South Wales. However a steady number of cavers have requested and been provided with access, often during ongoing exploration visits. In most cases, the trips become very worthwhile team digging events.

To simplify this process experienced cavers may request access using our contact form.

Summary of access advice

It is a small cave. Party size is normally limited to a maximum of 5 cavers plus warden. Access is available to members of a bona-fide caving club; BCA or other nationally recognised club, or international caving organisations. The cave is not suitable for novices (see below).

Where possible, the party will be met and accompanied be a conservation warden. Visitors should make their own callout arrangements.

The Entrance Series contains tight squeezes that are problematic or impossible for some and through which rescue would be difficult. The cave also contains many loose hazardous boulders and supported routes through chokes. A condition of access is that it is undertaken entirely at each participating caver's own risk.

The numerous speleothems of mostly made of soft granular calcite and can snap on contact. Visitors must be capable of passing through the cave without causing damage to the formations. Conservation and route taping assists, but many untapeable wall and roof formations are still vulnerable so great care is required.

Please be aware that the water-courses within and outside the cave are habitats for fresh water animals, including fish. Please tread carefully. The stream feeds a public water supply source and should not be polluted e.g. by Carbide.

The current ends of the cave are active dig sites. For details of the digging history, please see the details of the exploration. Please respect these and consult the digging teams should you wish to join them in the search for the rest of the system.